aggrid-groupingtable relation questions

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aggrid-groupingtable relation questions

Postby tkilshaw1553613063 » Wed Apr 26, 2023 8:29 pm

First, is there any documentation that explains how to use an aggrid-groupingtable?

Next, can someone explain the different names of grids. For example, is an aggrid-groupingtable actually a Data Grid and is a Data Grid actually some kind of Servoy NG Grid?

Next, unlike other grids it looks like an aggrid-groupingtable gets it data using the name of a relation in its myFoundset property. The aggrid-datasettable, which I have used before, has no such column.

What I am attempting to do is to add an aggrid-groupingtable to an existing form that has lots of fields. The form's dataSource is a view called v_cash_deal_work whose primary key is the ID column. This ID is from the t_deal table and it uniquely identifies the current deal on that form.

The aggrid-groupingtable includes a column called fk_DealID, a foreign key to a t_deal.ID.

How do I construct a relation to get and show the set of products for the current deal to be displayed in the aggrid-groupingtable?

In other words, how do I tell the aggrid-groupingtable's relation where to find the t_deal.ID of the current record of the form it is in?


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