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svyPopupFilter Cannot addFoundSetFilterParam Servoy 2022.3.1

PostPosted: Tue Jun 21, 2022 5:29 pm
by Juan Etec
last week we have update the servoy from 2021.12 to 2022.3.1.
We have a NG form like "invoices" with a tabpanel who shows "invoices_detail" with a relationName "invoices_to_invoices_detail" and at the containerform we use the svyPopupFilter like the image that is attached.
It doesn't search and It throws that Error:

Code: Select all
ERROR com.servoy.j2db.util.Debug - Cannot addFoundSetFilterParam to related foundset
   at C:\Users\juane\workspaceServoy2022.03.1\svyPopupFilter\svyToolbarFilter.js:1180
   at C:\Users\juane\workspaceServoy2022.03.1\svyPopupFilter\svyToolbarFilter.js:1636
   at C:\Users\juane\workspaceServoy2022.03.1\svyPopupFilter\svyToolbarFilter.js:1802
   at C:\Users\juane\workspaceServoy2022.03.1\svyPopupFilter\svyToolbarFilter.js:2238
   at C:\Users\juane\workspaceServoy2022.03.1\svyPopupFilter\forms\AbstractPopupFilter.js:301 (executeSelectHandler)
   at C:\Users\juane\workspaceServoy2022.03.1\svyPopupFilter\forms\AbstractPopupFilter.js:287 (onSelect)
   at C:\Users\juane\workspaceServoy2022.03.1\svyPopupFilter\forms\AbstractPopupFilter.js:415 (onHide)
   at C:\Users\juane\git\servoy2022_03\set_navegacion\forms\nav_svyTokenPopupFilter.js:12 (onHide)

That Error wasn't at the previous version.

Does any one know why this happens?
And how to solve it?


Re: svyPopupFilter Cannot addFoundSetFilterParam Servoy 2022

PostPosted: Fri Jun 24, 2022 8:58 am
by rgansevles

Foundset filters on related foundsets are not supported.

It would result in lots of erratic behaviour, like filters suddenly lost (a related foundset is cached in the system and can be cleared and recreated any time).
Also when you set a foundset filter on a related foundset, it only applies to the relation from the current record, not of those from other records.

It was possible in earlier versions of Servoy, the latest version has a check to prevent them.