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Use as LocalDateTime Global Property?

PostPosted: Wed Feb 21, 2024 6:12 pm
by bjorne.raga
I was looking at the following docs:

and it mentions that the property “servoy.use.client.timezone” does not work in NG. Would anyone happen to know if this is still true or is there any other way to globally set date columns to use the local time zone? Or do we have to manually change every date column in our database to use local date time?

Re: Use as LocalDateTime Global Property?

PostPosted: Mon Apr 22, 2024 7:55 pm
by darren
Back when we started using Servoy (NG) in 2019, for the JSField (Calendar), we were told to use the property useLocalDateTime:true, which was found in Servoy Developer as a checkbox on the Calendar object's format dialog window. And that would need to be set for every single Calendar object we placed on every single form. So we weren't aware of a Global setting for that.

To tack on to this post, we recently upgraded from Developer 2020.06 to 2023.03-LTS and just noticed that the useLocalDateTime checkbox is no longer there. So somewhere along the way, the component changed. While the existing Calendar objects on the existing forms appear to be working properly, any new Calendar objects (on new or existing forms) can only be configured 'manually' by typing the desired parameters into the component's property format box.


Because if you use the format dialog window to set a desired property, such as "displayFormat" to change the date formatting, the "useLocalDateTime" will be lost.

I've looked around for related documentation for this loss of the "useLocalDateTime" checkbox, but no luck so far. Can anyone shed some light on how to configure this going forward?