running my first SHC

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running my first SHC

Postby jdbruijn » Fri Oct 25, 2013 3:08 pm

I'm trying to get my first SHC solution to work, but it does not seem to run the method that I put in the queue.
This is my code to start the SHC and the callback function:
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function startSHC(event) {
   var obj = new Object;
   obj.startdate = vStartDate;
   obj.enddate = vEndDate;
   obj.fs = foundset;
   application.output('SHC Starting ...')
      headless = plugins.headlessclient.createClient('CCS_headless',null,null,null);
      if(headless != null && headless.isValid()){
         application.output('SHC Started, queueing method')
         headless.queueMethod(null,'sendReports',[obj], onCallbackSHC);
         application.output('SHC method queued');
         application.output('SHC not started.')
      application.output('SHC error: '+e.message);

* @param {JSEvent} event
* @properties={typeid:24,uuid:"A9B161F3-4634-4BDD-BE06-3EE1D28F2C47"}
function onCallbackSHC(event)
   application.output('SHC - callback')
   // do some stuff
   if (JSClient.CALLBACK_EVENT == event.getType())
      // handle normal execute of remote method
   else if (JSClient.CALLBACK_EXCEPTION_EVENT == event.getType())
      // handle exception execute of remote method

The solution CCS_headless is a module of my main solution. It has 2 global methods: onOpen and sendReports. Both methods start with an application.output, the one for onOpen is shown in the log, but the one for sendReports is not.
What am I missing here?
Jos de Bruijn
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Re: running my first SHC

Postby Ruben79 » Fri Oct 31, 2014 3:08 pm

In case you didn't solve it yet: I think you have to specify the scope for the queued method, so should be something like
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headless.queueMethod(null,'globals.sendReports',[obj], onCallbackSHC);
headless.queueMethod(null,'scopes.yourScope.sendReports',[obj], onCallbackSHC);

Also, I think you cannot pass in foundsets as an argument so you might want to try running it without arguments first.
Ruben de Jong
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