About your experience with Servoy and MySQL 8.0

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About your experience with Servoy and MySQL 8.0

Postby jcarlos » Sat Oct 05, 2019 8:28 pm

Hi there,

I am planning to migrate my databases to MySQL 8.0.

I really never felt compelled to update from MySQL 5.x, but now I do. With MySQL 8 there is support for CTEs (Common Table Expressions) and window functions. For example, traversing a table recursively with a reference to a PK in the same table is easy. Also finding a median value or 25% percentile in a sorted result are no longer a problem! MySQL 8 is also cloud friendly. A MySQL server deployed in a virtual machine with the new innodb_dedicated_server option, makes it possible to auto-detect the system memory, and have MySQL adjust appropriately without having to edit the configuration files -this is important in a VM environment given that the amount of system resources can change as the system is scaled up or down.

Anyway, enough about my excitement with MySQL 8. Could any one share he/her/they experience with MySQL 8 and Servoy?

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