find-search with operator 'AND' [servoy 5.2.12]

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find-search with operator 'AND' [servoy 5.2.12]

Postby sceresini » Mon May 14, 2012 3:07 pm

Hi guys
In Servoy 5.2.12 there is a way to do a controller.find() excluding some values?
I make an example

cod_tariffa = '!40100032||20000007';
var num =;

returns me all records that have 'cod_tariffa' different from 40100032. If I wanna exclude also cod_tariffa = 20000007 I try with this code

cod_tariffa = '!40100032&&!20000007';
var num =;

but Servoy can't understandm the code and lauch a find-search without parameters.

I'm wrong with something or it's Servoy that in this version doesn't admitt this sintax???

Thanks to all!
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