Relation with scope dataprovider gives buildmarker

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Relation with scope dataprovider gives buildmarker

Postby Ruben79 » Wed Apr 06, 2016 4:36 pm

I have a relation which is defined like this:
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I'm using this to show different related record columns in a table view depending on a combobox which has the scopes.web_Catalog.selectedParticipantID as dataprovider.

It all works, but generates a buildmarker when I want to loop a set of art_article by code. Also I don't have code completion on a record of type JSRecord<db:/stb_data/art_article>.

Code: Select all
var set = datasources.db.art_article.getFoundSet();

set.forEach(/** @param {JSRecord<db:/stb_data/art_article>} record */       
    function(record, i){
            // do stuff

Why is this? I'm expecting the relation to show up on a record of type JSRecord<db:/stb_data/art_article> because that is the primary dataSource.
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