Does JSField.CHECKS intercept onAction JSEvent.MODIFER_SHIFT

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Does JSField.CHECKS intercept onAction JSEvent.MODIFER_SHIFT

Postby joe26 » Sat Mar 31, 2018 7:26 am

Hi All,

It looks like onAction is the left mouse button, since there is no onLeftClick selection for a newField.

I'm attempting to run a script that runs on a change of value that also checks the JSEvent.MODIFIER_SHIFT value from event.getModifiers. That value doesn't seem to pass Modifier info into the script.

Is this overridden by the CheckBox element? I'm using a script with newField.onRightClick and that seems to work, but nothing on either onAction or onDataChange.

var condition = (event.getModifiers() & JSEvent.MODIFIER_SHIFT);
always returns zero in the onAction and onDataChange events for the newField.CHECKS

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