cloudSampleSolution - how to show/hide nav items

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cloudSampleSolution - how to show/hide nav items

Postby dean1645304375 » Sat Feb 19, 2022 11:40 pm

In the Servoy cloudSampleSolution I would like to change the below mainNavMenu loadMenuItems method so each navigation item will have a checkbox on its left. How can I do this?

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function loadMenuItems() {
   /** @type {CustomType<servoyextra-sidenav.MenuItem>} */
   var menuItem;
   var menuItems = [];
   var menuSubItem;
   var menuSubItems = [];

   // HOME
   menuItem = new Object(); = "homeDashboard";
   menuItem.text = "DASHBOARD"
   menuItem.iconStyleClass = "fa fa-th-large";

   menuItem = new Object(); = "customersTableView";
   menuItem.text = "CUSTOMERS"
   menuItem.iconStyleClass = "icon-contacts";

My end goal is to have a toggle button at the top of the nav list, that will allow users to hide or show table names based on whether they are checked. All suggestions are welcome.

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Re: cloudSampleSolution - how to show/hide nav items

Postby sean » Tue Mar 29, 2022 9:00 pm

Hi Dean,

What you describe is not directly possible with the sidenav component. It represents a simple view of menu items which can be nested and are clickable.
You can defintely show a checkbox icon, i.e.
Code: Select all
menuItem.iconStyleClass = "fa fa-check";

But that is just decorating th emenu item and is not separately clickable from the item itself.
For this, you would need a custom component.

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