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[ServoyU] Servoy 2024.03 Webinar

PostPosted: Mon May 20, 2024 6:22 pm
by sbutler
For those that weren't able to attend or want a review, Servoy has added their latest webinar video to their YouTube page, and we have it also available on ServoyU at

PS. We're working with some different AI tools to auto-summarize the videos. Let me know what you think. AI has a hard time recognizing "Servoy" and wants to translate it to other things, but I think we finally got it doing it right.

Re: [ServoyU] Servoy 2024.03 Webinar

PostPosted: Tue May 21, 2024 10:43 am
by robert.edelmann
Thanks for keeping the videos in one place and offering a searchable transcription.