postgresql.conf parameters

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postgresql.conf parameters

Postby huber » Fri Feb 17, 2017 3:39 pm

I startet using Postgres again and found some difference in the postgresql.conf parameters compared to earlier versions.

The following postgresql.conf parameters don't seem to exist in version 9.6 any more (and maybe in earlier versions as well)

Are they replaced by some other parameters?

maintenance_work_me = 2GB used to be the max. Is Postgres still not using more?

Does anyone use in a production environment
random_page_cost = 20
checkpoint_segements = 128
checkpoint_completion_target = 0.9
default_statistics_target = 500
wal_buffers =

What numbers are you developers using?

I am also interested in experiences using SSDs for the database, indexes, ...

Thanks for sharing the info.

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