Need help with Import Options and Upgrading Servoy V3 to V8

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Need help with Import Options and Upgrading Servoy V3 to V8

Postby pbdavis » Fri Sep 21, 2018 6:21 pm

I'm preparing to switch from a V3 Servoy application to one rewritten in V8. :shock: The new V8 will use the same SQL databases as used in V3.

I cannot find any details on the import options on the website. I was hoping someone could explain why or why not to use these options:
1. Override existing sequence type definitions (in repository) with the sequence types contained in the import file.
2. Update sequences for all tables on all servers used by the imported solution and modules.
3. Overwrite repository group security settings with import version.

Any advice on things I should be aware of when making this move would be appreciated. Is there any white paper or documentation on moving from one version of Servoy to another?
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