War Deployment does not package dll in plugins folder

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War Deployment does not package dll in plugins folder

Postby v.weimer » Mon Jul 24, 2017 10:43 am

Hi All,

following scenario:
I would like to do a war deployment to a tomcat server. All went fine at all. But when it comes up to the usage of a plugin that uses a .dll (Windows native lib), the deployment/packaging looks like it collects not all needed files. That means the .dll use by the package (.jar file) is not packed into the war file and not part of the deployment. War export is done by right click on the solution in developer and usage of the wizard. But the war file does not contain the dll. (Renmaed it to zip and took a look). The jar file is part of the war file. Files are sapjco3.jar (part of exported war. Location is plugins folder) sapjco3.dll (not part of the exported war. Location beside the jar file in plugins folder)

Do I need to configure anything to include the dll as part of the war export?
Thanks in advanced.

By the way. Copying the dll beside the jar file makes the things work again.
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