New Product: DevOps Tools by Servoy Components

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New Product: DevOps Tools by Servoy Components

Postby sbutler » Fri Jul 14, 2023 6:24 pm

We are excited to release our latest addition to Servoy Components: DevOps Tools

Easily automate your developer operations by using GitHub actions to create pipelines that build your Servoy WAR export files for you. Hook up to thousands of other actions in the GitHub Marketplace to fully automate your deployments, generate slack notifications, and more. Or, just keep it simple and upload the generated WAR to your Java server. The choice is yours, and you are in full control!

- Standardized Package. You know its built the exact same way each time.
- Save Time. Let the builds happen in the background instead of waiting on them.
- Automate Tests. Hook into your testing frameworks to run any tests needed after the build.
- Deploy Automatically. After build, deploy the war file any way you want.
- Integrations. Hook into the thousands of GitHub actions available like Slack or Teams notifications to let you know the success of your builds.

Why did we build this?
We've been doing this for our internal customers for many years, and have seen others in the community struggle with WAR deployments. This tool makes that easier and especially helps corporate customers looking to automate their deployments to their internal infrastructure.

Check out the product page for more:
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