Smart Client loses connection after timeout

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Smart Client loses connection after timeout

Postby maria » Wed Nov 03, 2010 1:41 am

Hello All,

After an idle timeout (about 40-50 minutes, +-10) my smart client seems to lose the pointer to the current record in an external application to which it is connected.
I'll explain this in more detail.
Our smart client Servoy application connects to a FoxPro backend with the help of ServoyGuy's COM plugin (using JACOB).
We call the FoxPro app's API which does all business logic.
At some point I am working on a record (meaning: I positioned my FoxPro pointer on that record) and I leave my smart client idle for more than half hour.
When I come back and try to save my record (which is supposed to call a FoxPro API's function) - the call does not execute.
We put some debugging code right in the beginning of the FoxPro save method and it's not coming up, so it does not even get to start executing the method.

I'll ask this question to ServoyGuy and/or JACOB support but just in case - is there a timeout or something in Servoy Smart Client that can affect successful API calls to an external app?

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