Scrollbar control on the tabPanel object

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Scrollbar control on the tabPanel object

Postby Marco R. » Thu May 19, 2011 12:27 pm

Hi all,

Since the Servoy 5 I need for the control of the tabPanel scrollbar: on the look,on the value to set/get the scroll position etc.
To make this I've used a combination of JScrollPane - Jpanel - tabPanel - form and JScrollBar.All this because I need to scroll more tabPanel with an unique scrollbar.
This project,because I use of swing object,isn't web-compatible as I wish.
What do you think about this enhance? Will do exist into the servoy 6 the possibility to get the tabPanel scrollBars and to set them?

Thanks in advance

Marco :)
Marco Rossi

Main development environment: Servoy 6.1.6 - 7.4.3, Java 1.6u45,7u71 Windows 7/CentOS
Marco R.
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