Smart client shortcut re-creation

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Smart client shortcut re-creation

Postby Marco R. » Thu Apr 19, 2012 11:54 am

Hi all!

An end-user has says me that the smart-client icon comes back to their initial position each time he launch the client.
After a first check it seems that each time the client is launched, then the icon is recreated (In this way it returns on the first available space on the desktop).
I suspect this is a java web start behavior.. Does exist a way to avoid this?

Another question: Seems that the icon-name is strongly connected with the java-cashed-client. In fact if I try to rename the shortcut it works just the first time.. from the second time it goes in error because it doesn't find the cashed(I hope that "cashed" is a real word that means "program into the java cash" xD) program. Does exist a way to avoid this also?

Thanks in advance for your time

Marco Rossi

Main development environment: Servoy 6.1.6 - 7.4.3, Java 1.6u45,7u71 Windows 7/CentOS
Marco R.
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