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Network Independent Client

Postby Smorr » Sat Jun 07, 2003 4:01 pm

One thing I am not clear on -but is a requirement for my solution (which is currently in FMP) is the ability for a servoy client to function independently of network databases by using a client side DB engine to store data. IE is it possible for a user to take there laptop home and work on a independent dataset that will be synchronized with central databases at a later date. (Our solution is a mark system for teachers who have laptops and want to work from home when they are not on the school's LAN and then merely publish their work once they get to school)

It also seems that Servoy needs to be at least connected to a servoy server to get its solution metadata. Is this a correct interpretation?

Thanks for any insight...

Postby edward » Sun Jun 08, 2003 9:07 pm

A 'mobile' product to add to the Servoy suite is planned in the near future and this would enable you to synchronise data when returning to the main databases. We have no ETA on this product, but we appreciate that this is a 'would be nice' product and are scheduling it as soon as possible.
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Postby Jan Aleman » Mon Jun 09, 2003 2:11 pm

Servoy always needs to be connected to a repository to be able to operate. That can either be to a remote server (LAN/WAN/Internet) or a local server.

For disconnected users there are a few options availabe:
- Use a backend database that supports replication, most large ones do. For Firebird you can use IBReplicator (non-free) to replicate data. Sybase Studio Anywhere also supports replication and costs about the same (100$ per client)
-Build your own syncronisation system, if you turn on tracking in security you will have a complete audit trail of changes which you can use to build that
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