Servoy Smart-client showing coffee cup OSX

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Servoy Smart-client showing coffee cup OSX

Postby Harjo » Tue Nov 26, 2013 11:07 am

HI there,

we are running Servoy Smart-client with our own signed certificate nicely on the latest Java 7 from Oracle on OSX.
We have two (smaller) issues

The first time, when the smart-client is downloaded and started, a nice icon is created on the desktop (with our own logo)
But in the dock we see a java coffee cup!
Now if we leave the smart-client open, right-click on the coffee-cup and select -> Options -> Permanent in Dock, this does not work.
If we close the smart-client, the icon in the dock, turns into what looks like a terminal command.

What works, is closing the smart-client first, than start the smart-client from the link on the desktop and do than: right-click -> Options -> Permanent in Dock
But still, when the smart-client is active a coffee cup is shown in the dock. When I close the smart-client, the icon in the dock turns back to our logo. (set by using branding options in Servoy)

We tried everything, changing the images, to jpg, gif, png, whatever... no solution...

Has anyone been able, to run smart-client with the latest Java 7 on OSX, without loosing the logo in the dock? (when the smart-client is active!)
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