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Form elements disappearing when using UI converter on portal

PostPosted: Mon Jun 19, 2017 8:17 pm
by mwiedemann
Didn't get any responses in the "bug" forum, so I thought I'd post here...

I have a form with a portal that contains a couple of date fields. I'm using SQLITE as my datasource and since sqlite doesn't have a native DATE datatype, I'm storing dates as TEXT in the following format. yyyyMMdd My UI Converter is working just fine outside the portal on another date field in the same form. When I activate the UI Converter on a date field in the portal, most of the form elements just disappear from the form when it's displayed. See attached image.... The portal field in question is "Date Rcvd." and the same thing happens when putting the UI Converter on the "Date Ordered" field which is currently displaying the date in it's native TEXT format.

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As soon as the UI Converter is removed from the portal date field, all form the elements return to normal. I'm not using any on Render methods or anything else that would tweak the look of the form.