Smart Client memory allocation

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Smart Client memory allocation

Postby joe26 » Fri Aug 23, 2019 12:16 am

HI all,

For a few weeks, the maximum heap size was bumped up to 1500mb to account for reading in a large text file. Marc Boegem has already identified a much better way to deal with large text files, but the entire file was read into memory for processing. Hence, the extra memory requirement.

Suddenly, and without provocation, the smart client would not run. It would download and then disappear. However, they have run well recently.

Restarting the database server helped in a few instances, but the problem came back within the last few days.

The JVM is 32-bit due to a legacy issue, that I cannot recall at this time.

However, lowering the max heap size to 1200mb brought the application back. Since Java JVM allocates in one large chunk (?), that might be why the application could execute. Three different platforms were used, a 64-bit 2012 Windows 10 Server, a 64-bit Windows 10 installation and a 32-bit Windows 7 Professional notebook. They fail at 1500 but work at 1200mb. It might be the case where the JVM is all 32-bit. I'll get back on that.

This occurred during a move to a SQL Server database from PostgreSQL. PostgreSQL is still used as the repository, and the database server is manually switchable in development and test between PostgreSQL and SQL Server.

The Server is common to all three platforms. Does the Server determine the JVM 'bitness' or is there something else going on that may be of concern?

(Besides bringing in a honking large text file...)

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