Java 8 EndOfLive and Smart Client

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Java 8 EndOfLive and Smart Client

Postby Bernd.N » Fri Feb 14, 2020 6:20 pm

Is there any soon end of life date for Java 8 in sight that will affect the smart client?

On the Oracle Support Roadmap, one can read Premier Support ends March 2022, and Extended Support ends December 2030.

However my customer did send me an information like „Java based on v1.8 (EOL 2025)”

And I actually found a german article with that date, which was from 2018:

But I would guess that the date from the original Oracle website (2030) is more accurate.

Second question:
When Java 8 is EndOfLive, is the update to e.g. Java 11 likely to affect Servoy (smart client) in any way?
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