Online Demo Speed - Whoa!

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Online Demo Speed - Whoa!

Postby Tony_Adrian » Fri Oct 31, 2003 3:38 pm

If you haven't tried the online demo I'd encourage it. After the initial 2.2MB download and loading - things start to move.

I'm using a really bad dialup connection - a 28.8 six year old Supra modem on an XP notebook. I am really suprised and impressed with the speed over this weak connection. In some cases I believe displaying, entering, and editing data over this WAN is as fast as using my former database tool (version 6.04) over a LAN. Granted, with this Servoy online demo I'm not hitting a huge database but this is really impressive. It's undoubtedly faster than a web browser.

Congratulations to the Servoy team - you've removed the speed concerns.
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