GWT and debugging in the browser

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GWT and debugging in the browser

Postby jgarfield » Sat Dec 22, 2012 12:01 am

From what I've seen, Servoy is using Google Web Toolkit to produce the Servoy "operating environment" and our solutions in the browser.
This produces very dense and super minified code, which is great for a production environment, but isn't spectacular for when you're trying to debug in the browser.

When I was just getting started developing a test app, I was running into a problem on the client side (Cannot access property "dataProviders" of undefined) and had to spend quite a bit of time stepping though this code and deciphering what was gong on. Is there a way for when you "Export to WAR" to produce un-minified, somewhat more human readable code for deploying to test environments?
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Re: GWT and debugging in the browser

Postby jcompagner » Wed Jan 02, 2013 1:02 pm

I don't think that if we would reproduce a un-minified war that you would be able to debug it better.
Because that is then java->javascript code of the servoy code itself. That is not really useful at all for you. Don't think that will make debugging a bit easier (you also don't debug through servoy java code in smart/web client)

I guess the problem is more that your servoy js code is not directly a function in scripting but a just a String (solution.js file) that is evalled .. Maybe we could improve this a bit, that we don't eval the exported js function you define in the developer. but we do eval the solution model generated stuff. (we had this before until we implemented also the solution model for the mobile then we had to create the form or global scopes differently)
Make a case for this if you want so that debugging your own javascript functions, defined in the developer, in the browser will be easier. I hope we can come with a nicer solution for this, but we need to look if this is really possible.

Your specific case, property of a relation that comes up as an undefined error, we already can support a bit better.
Do create a case for this, so that we will check, if you ask for a relation (that is defined as a relation in the mobile solution) but you didn't export the data in the service solution you will be warned before this error happens.
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