Scopes in mobile modules

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Scopes in mobile modules

Postby jgarfield » Sat Dec 22, 2012 12:05 am

I tried making some scopes for code that would be commonly used in a mobile environment, but recieved the error that mobile modules can only have relations and calculations in them.

This made me sad. :(

Can mobile modules be allowed to have scopes so we have a little bit better code resuability?
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Re: Scopes in mobile modules

Postby jcompagner » Wed Jan 02, 2013 12:43 pm

Then we need to have a real "mobile_module' type first. Because we need to know that it is really a mobile thing.
Problem is if you are starting to use that as a "dump" module for all kind of utility methods and also relations/datasources/calculations, that maybe are not used at all in the mobile solution you export, then you are using a lot more memory and stuff on the phone
So you need to be very very careful what you define in such a module.

Besides that we also really need a nice way to share the datamodel (calculations and relations) between the mobile solution and the service solution..
Currently we have that special module for that. But we are looking to create more a "binary" include for that of the whole mobile solution in such a service solution.
I say "binary" because you shouldn't really start coding or alter the mobile solution when you are coding the service solution.. Because this could completely break the mobile solution itself.
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