related fields with find()

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related fields with find()

Postby stefaniacolombara » Tue Oct 01, 2013 10:42 am

I'm using Servoy 7.3 rc and when called "foundset.clienti_fornitori_to_anagrafiche.prov = 'TN'" it throws some exception.
if (foundset.find()) {
foundset.clienti_fornitori_to_anagrafiche.prov = 'TN', successCallback, errorCallback)

[FATAL] Uncaught Exception: Exception caught: Exception caught: (TypeError) : Cannot set property 'prov' of undefined
at Unknown.fillInStackTrace(http://localhost:8080/ProvaMobile/mobil ... cache.js@3)

And I think that this method of finding doesn't work with related fields, right ? How can I realize that?
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