WARN org.sablo.BrowserConsole on loading Datagrid

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WARN org.sablo.BrowserConsole on loading Datagrid

Postby wvitpr » Wed May 13, 2020 2:44 pm

I'm getting a lot of below warnings.. I understand why as I am setting column widths etc, I use the onReady() event with powergrids because I am in control of loading the data, but if I have a datagrid component using the forms foundset, how do I use the onReady() event?

WARN org.sablo.BrowserConsole - 3D95AD1:2|7DF2D94C-D950-4262-917D-DC3D42694D4F|phil.routley|ag-Grid: tried to call sizeColumnsToFit() but the grid is coming back with zero width, maybe the grid is not visible yet on the screen?
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