Apply unique id to same form but in different Panel.

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Apply unique id to same form but in different Panel.

Postby jay.rao » Tue Feb 20, 2018 8:29 am


I am stuck in a situation where I have a my own list component which I use to display list of data but now the problem is, I have a page for e.g Contact List which is opened in one panel(name- panel1)and has 3-4 records related to its parent data. Now I add new Panel(name- panel2) dynamically which again has a Contact List but this time I have all 1000 records. So in the panel1 i add some new record and try to refresh the grid ($('#'+ $scope.model.svyMarkupId).find('#grid').refresh()) but as the svyMarkupId is same it always takes the grid which was open recently and thus on refreshing (as the model.foundset is same for both the grid) it refreshes my latest grid & changes the data from 1000 records to 4 records. I am trying to find workaround for it or to avoid reloading everything but meanwhile I wanted to know if there is any possibility to apply uniqueId to the list component while opening the panel so as to avoid above scenario.

Thank you
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