ngClient Conversions and Paging vs Scrolling

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ngClient Conversions and Paging vs Scrolling

Postby goldcougar » Tue May 08, 2018 5:53 pm

I've done several conversions for a few clients from WebClient to ngClient. While most everything is an upgrade, the customers seem to always complain about the infinite scroll in table views. They want the paging at the bottom as they had in the WebClient, and is more common in web app table grids. One of the main complaints is that they could see that there were more rows than visible on the screen (because they could see the #2 in the paging below). So if the list shows 10, but there are 12 rows, you knew there were more and could click to look. Within the ajax scrolling in ngClient on table views, they can't tell without grabbing the scrollbar and seeing if more load, which is a pain.

So, the question is, are any other developers getting this kinds of feedback from their customers after conversions? I'm also not sure how many solutions are being converted from WebClient to ngClient vs being built from scratch in ngClient. I added a poll to get some feedback on that as well.

If you do feel the same about wanting the paging option back on table views, I have a ticket open since 2016 here that you can vote on to help Servoy prioritize it:

PS. I'm aware I could rebuild the UI in a different web component that does the paging, but in large solutions, thats a lot of work. Makes convincing the customer to switch from Web to NG much more difficult.
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