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Postby huber » Tue Nov 28, 2023 3:38 pm

Exploring the usefulness and possibilities of the Servoy PDF Viewer Component for our NG application, we implemented a first trial to preview Jasper Reports. Displaying the report works fine.

1) Now it would be nice to hide a shown pane on the left side of the window containing a vertical control (slider for pages?, doesn't seem to do anything).

2) Also I would like to control the buttons. In the Servoy API docs I find methods like getToolbarControlIds or setToolbarControlsVisibility, but how to apply them? They do not appear on the pdf_Js_Viewer component.

3) Further, I would like to control the printing header and footer in the code. Currently, I can do it in the print dialog, but would prefer them to set to uncheck when printing.

Any hints are appreciated.


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