Angular Material v1.1.0

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Angular Material v1.1.0

Postby paronne » Wed Oct 19, 2016 11:33 am

Angular Material Web Component v1.0.0 are released.

Angular Material is a Web Components package based on the Angular Material library.

The Angular Material component won't be downloadable from Servoy Developer using the Servoy Package Manager.

This package can be imported into Servoy Developer as a binary zip.

Read more about the Angular Material Web Components.

The performance of Angular Material library and furthermore of the Angular Material Web Components are not optimal on Windows based browsers (IE, Edge).
Is strongly reccomanded to use this set of components only if the browser systems your application should support does not include IE and/or Edge.
Note that using Angular Material Components has perfomance impact also on the HTML5 Servoy Form Editor itself on Windows based systems.

Release notes
- update angular material lib to 1.1.0
- several fixes in the Tab Panel component
- other components fixes
- include test solution in repo
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Re: Angular Material v1.1.0

Postby ben.i » Thu Dec 14, 2017 6:17 pm

Is this Web Component still in development?

It looks great, and I have been working on getting some other Material components into Servoy, so I'd love to help out
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Re: Angular Material v1.1.0

Postby paronne » Fri Dec 15, 2017 2:31 pm

Hi Ben,

we are very glad of your willing to help out development; we don't plan further development on the specific library because the perfomance problem of the used library, material.angularjs, has not been solved on Windows based browsers;
the material.anguarjs library has now moved to material2 version which is not backcompatible with AngularJS.

I may suggest you to implement a new set of material components on top of a different library. There is a materializecss ( library which is fully build with JQuery and CSS; therefore i expect won't suffer the perfomance issue of the material.angularjs library (the perfomance issue are due to extensive use of angular animations).
I will be happy to answer your questions and support you in the implementation of such component set.

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