Svy Extra v1.0.3

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Svy Extra v1.0.3

Postby paronne » Wed Oct 19, 2016 2:11 pm

Svy Extra Components v1.0.3 is released.

A NGClient component package of all kinds of 'extra' components.

The package can be downloaded from Servoy Developer using the Servoy Package Manager.

Read Getting started about the Svy Extra Components.

Release notes
This release has various fixes on the table and textfieldgroup components

besides this the table component has the following enhancements:

1> requestFocus() api support to move the focus to the table
2> focusGained/Lost handlers to be notified of focus events.
3> multi select support (ctrl.shift)
4> page up and page down key support to scroll up and down a page.
5> first cut of endless scrolling (page size == 0), it will download more and more if you scroll down (in batches of 200). Becarefull with this, it can result in a lot of data and ui components created if you keep scrolling down.
6> sort icon classe properties
7> autoresize property
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