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Australia based Servoy Consultants

Postby » Thu May 19, 2016 7:12 am

Ladies and gentlemen,

I am a Sydney-based software developer, specialising in the Servoy development platform for over 8 years.
My career evolved from a Servoy programmer into a Software Development Manager role in an Australian software company.
Currently I am busy consulting as part of the Hydra Labs team helping clients who have existing Servoy applications or are seeking guidance during the design phase.

Having worked with projects big and small, I have gained experience in many areas of Servoy application development:
- developing for both smart client and webclient
- developing and using Java components and third party plugins
- Servoy solution deployment in various real life environments, including enterprise clients such as the Australian arm of Burger King
- Servoy application support
- Servoy training and more.

I am experienced with and passionate about:
- quality database design
- Velocity reports
- dynamic infrastructure development (dynamic fully customisable search, grids, security framework, user-defined fields, etc)
- easy, good looking UI

I have worked remotely either as a consultant on a project or managing an offshore team.

Whether it is crunch time and you just need to get things done quickly or you are planning a fully fledged software development project, I will be happy to jump on board and bring my team to help you.
Please contact me with any queries on +61411193804 or email

Kind Regards,
Maria Schmidt
Partner - Hydra Labs
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