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3D & 2D Charting Within Servoy Smartclient

PostPosted: Tue Oct 10, 2017 5:54 pm
by marco.rossi
JMBrowser is a web explorer that embeds web components within the Servoy smartclient. It has been purposely developed to feature 3D and 2D charts within Servoy solutions running as smartclient with the same great look, feel, and interactive capabilities they have as html output.

In order to embed 3D charts in the Servoy smartclient, it is necessary either to pilot the graphic card installed on the supporting hardware, or to use suitable javascript libraries, such as WebGL, that render graphic outputs within different web browsers. We have chosen the latter option because it spares the need to interface every kind of x86-64 architecture, and every operating system on which the target Servoy solution runs. JMBrowser wraps these libraries in a single component that seamlessly enables any Servoy solution to project advanced graphic with no loss of quality or interactivity.

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