Getting Started for *Non-Attendees*

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Getting Started for *Non-Attendees*

Postby sean » Mon May 18, 2020 6:27 pm


If you are not one of the lucky participants in the Spring Workshop series, you can still follow along!
Follow these steps to get started:

1. Install and run the latest version of Servoy ( v2020.03 ).
* Be sure that you are working with a clean , empty workspace folder. (That means NO files or folders in your workspace)
You can work with as many workspace folders as you want. File > Switch Workspace > make a new folder will do the trick.

2. When you launch Servoy Developer, you should be prompted with the welcome screen / videos.
Click the "Getting Started" button (see attached image). This will download and install the "CloudSampleSolution" which is also used in the workshop.
We have provided some animated GIFs in the IDE, but the video recording of the workshop will give you the full version. We will be building on this sample.

3. Day 1 was getting started and related to integration with SeroyCloud Continuous Delivery Pipeline. You can skip this session as you are running only from local source. If you are interested in the pipeline, please reply to this or contact me directly ( )

4. Day 2
Here is the recording of the session.
Password: 1K.e4@9k

If you want to catch up to the 1st exercise, I recommend skipping to about 12 minutes.

5. Please post questions/comments/abuse on this forum channel.
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