method UUID changes

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method UUID changes

Postby » Fri Oct 05, 2018 2:22 pm

In a Servoy solution we have a scope that creates XML strings for building xml messages. For creating xml we use the native E4X (officially deprecated) javascript XML library in Servoy. The problem with this library is that when you are busy typing the XML strings/tags are not yet properly closed immediatly. So when you stop typing for some seconds Servoy can't 'see' all the different methods in the scope anymore (because it 'thinks' the XML string continues), and somewhere (randomly) a red spot appears on the right side of the edit window to state that there is something wrong. After finishing correctly the XML string/tag the red spot dissapears and all the methods become 'visible' again to Servoy.
What we see then is that Servoy has renewed all the UUID's of the methods. So when I try to commit the changes into our codebase all the UUID's are marked for change. This is very annoying and unwanted.

Does someone know how to avoid this?

Also a small typo while working causes the same problem.
I also have the impression that creating objects may cause the same problem.
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