Reloads foundset when editted record loses focus

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Reloads foundset when editted record loses focus

Postby ryan.m.beasley » Thu Jul 25, 2019 4:43 pm

I have a list of filtered objects on a form who are stored in one of my db tables. In the list a couple of the fields for each object are edittable. I'm having an issue where every time I edit a record in table view or list view of a form on the SMART Client the entire foundset for the form reloads itself and brings in records that were originally filtered out for the form.

Fixes I've tried:
I changed the form to table view (locked) and list view (locked) and the error still shows up
I created an on change method that I would attach to the edittable fields that when they lose focus I'd re-apply the filter. This worked; however, it dramatically slowed down performance to the point where I don't feel comfortable deploying it
I changed the namedFoundsetProperty of the form to default, separate, and empty, and the error still shows up in all three

Currently, the way I'm loading the foundset when the form loads is:
dataset = databaseManager.getDatasetByQuery(sql_query,...)

This is servoy version

I need for the foundset to stop reloading when I finish editting these records without having to reload the filter every time since that dramatically slows everything. Any ideas?
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