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NG-Client not saving when pasting into TEXT AREA

PostPosted: Thu Sep 30, 2021 4:30 pm
by swingman
Hi all,

I have just been investigating an issue brought to my attention by the users of one of my systems on 2020.03.2LTS:

User navigates to a detail screen from a list screen, pastes some text from a PDF into a TEXTAREA (probably irrelevant that the text comes from a PDF).
Then the user hits the web browser back button to go back to the list screen.
Servoy saves the record, except the pasted text as the user leaves the screen containing the TEXTAREA. This happens on both Edge and Safari.
The text pasted will only save if you click out of the TEXTAREA before navigating.

If you navigate using button triggering scrips to navigate, i.e.
Code: Select all

Servoy saves the pasted text.

These are old-style forms brought over from the smart-client 3 years ago.

Any idea of how to get around this?