Dialog Options Array Splits Choices

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Dialog Options Array Splits Choices

Postby john1598360627 » Sat Jul 15, 2023 12:14 am

https://wiki.servoy.com/display/DOCS/di ... ptionArray)

Using the Servoy dialog plugin I noticed a problem. For whatever reason, whenever a ',' character appears the option is split. This applies to any category of the dialog. Now, when making the buttons (ok vs cancel) it's not that big of a deal I guess.

However, it's also being applied to options within an Array.

Code: Select all
function ini_dialog(){
      title = 'NEW PI'
      message = 'Add a new PI to the fund. Enter Name:'
      response = plugins.dialogs.showSelectDialog( title, message , arr_pi )

The arr_pi is an array filled with first and last names split with commas.


arr_pi[0] = Elizabeth, Sarah
arr_pi[1] = Hunter, Smith

However, the commas within each array item cause it to split apart.

So within the selector dialogue options it looks like;

When it SHOULD look like this;
Elizabeth, Sarah
Hunter, Smith

As for why this is happening, when I application.output the array I noticed that it looks like this;
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arr_pi[Elizabeth, Sarah,Hunter, Smith]

Maybe that's why it's automatically splitting the options once it sees a comma? Cus it can't interpret the actual columns? Just a guess.


Is there any way to disable this behavior? I'm not really sure what the purpose of it is anyways. I just want one index per dialog selection. No automatic splitting whenever a comma appears.
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Re: Dialog Options Array Splits Choices

Postby sean » Fri Aug 11, 2023 7:01 pm

Hi John,

Please file a case at Servoy Support.

I believe this method takes an array or strings directly in the arguments object they strings in the array are being split on the comma.

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Re: Dialog Options Array Splits Choices

Postby kwpsd » Mon Aug 14, 2023 12:13 am

Created Support Ticket: SVY-18482
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Re: Dialog Options Array Splits Choices

Postby john1598360627 » Thu Nov 23, 2023 12:00 am

I finally updated to the new release that apparently fixed it.

Double checked to see and it did seem to be fixed. Thank you!

I'll be on the lookout if I notice any other issues with the plugin and make sure to report them if necessary.
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