Testing web client performance and functionality

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Testing web client performance and functionality

Postby studiomiazzo » Tue Jun 10, 2014 4:53 pm


we're trying to set up a test process within our organization, though I don't know where to start from regarding servoy webclient. First of all, it generates so complicated a page I don't even know what to look for :D
I ended up trying to use Selenium to simulate some user interaction and measure some metrics for particularly long-rendering forms, but I'd like to have some statistics instead of just some manually run tests.
I'm also looking at the integrated JSUnit component to test the server side code, but again I'm experiencing a bit of trouble when writing tests, mainly on datasets, foundsets and their initialization to communicate with the database. How am i supposed to mock the data? By creating datasets by hand?

I'm quite desperate right now, it seems I'm just groping in the dark :D
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