Multiselect in webClient behaving weird in 7.4.1

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Multiselect in webClient behaving weird in 7.4.1

Postby nandlalajisingh » Thu Oct 29, 2015 3:46 pm

Hi All

I know there was a bug for multiselect in webClient in 7.4.0. And its resolved in 7.4.1 but its behaving very weird in my application. Shift key is working good for multiselction but the problem is with ctrl+click. I got to double click. some time many click for multiselect. In one ctrl+click its selecting and then deselecting by it self.

I have other form with table view(locked) and if i change selectionMode property to MULTI then its working fine in that form. But the problem is with a particular form. In that particular form if i change to selectionMode property as SINGLE/DEFAULT. Then also its not behaving as single select. i dunno what to do. Its kind of so weird.

Any body have any idea regarding this

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Re: Multiselect in webClient behaving weird in 7.4.1

Postby jcompagner » Wed Nov 04, 2015 6:12 pm

do you have this also on 7.4.5?
Do you have a (sample) solution?
Johan Compagner
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