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How to find all elements on a web page

PostPosted: Mon Jun 24, 2019 12:56 pm
by c.groefsema

My Servoy solution creates a web page (NG client) that consists of several forms, and some of these forms are nested. Since an element on a nested form (on a nested form...) may relate to an element on a higher (parent- or even grandparent-) form, I need to find all elements on the current web page. However, the elements collection is per form. How can I get a collection of elements per web page?
For example: I need to implement date validation: an end date cannot be before a start date. Both calendars containing the dates are on different subforms within a parent form - and which forms those are depends on user input, so I need a generic solution. I need to find the element that contains the start date as well as the element that contains the end date. Preferably they should be in the same elements collection since that fits quite nicely within the existing code.

How do I go about it?