Nesting List Form Components

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Nesting List Form Components

Postby ryan1680098789 » Wed Oct 25, 2023 4:27 pm

I'm looking to nest a list form component within another list form, as I have a dynamic list of records in a db table, that has an extension table that also has a dynamic set of records for each record from the parent table. I want to use a list form component to display / allow editing of data from the parent table, while also having a secondary list form component, contained within the first list, to display the extension table records for editing those as well. Has anyone done this before, or has ideas how to do this. I've tried straight up nesting two list form components which does not work. The nested list form doesn't display anything. I've tried adding a form container with a relation connected the two tables into the parent list form, where the form container contains a form with a list form but then the second list only displays data for the current selected record on the parent list form. Any guidance would be appreciated!
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