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Postby Jan Blok » Mon Dec 16, 2013 2:39 pm

We are pleased to announce the immediate availability of Servoy 6.0.10 release (releaseNumber 1240).
IMPORTANT: This release addresses a security vulnerability, it is strongly recommended to update to this version :!:

This version is available through the download option on the Servoy website and auto-update.
Always make a backup of your current Servoy installation (directory and database) before installing/upgrading.
To update a Servoy eclipse open Check for updates via help menu.

All the issues addressed:

Client Changes
[fix] SVY-5309 Warnings in webstart in latest Java versions
[fix] SVY-4714 Java update to latest version causes Manifest warnings in Servoy components
[fix] SVY-4609 Can't see field value in calc
[fix] SVY-4286 Comboboxes don't show any values in related find if a fallback value list is set

Web Client Changes
[fix] SVY-4993 Split Panel Rendering incorrectly in Firefox
[fix] SVY-4935 Styles defined on combobox are ignored
[fix] SVY-4075 Client-side javascript errors: "Uncaught ReferenceError: setLanguageCode is not defined "
[fix] SVY-4044 webclient dialog (dialogs module) FIMD won't close when another dialog was open on top of that
[fix] SVY-4429 next/previous record can push changes made in the current to the next/previous record

Developer Changes
[fix] SVY-4291 Error in sample code for borderType JSLabel, JSField and others
[fix] SVY-4133 field titleText empty when field type is CHECK

Server Changes
[fix] SVY-4315 SQL Server 2012 Warning in log file
[fix] SVY-4169 solution does never restart correct, when you get the message: old transaction detected, solution need to restart

Plugin Changes
[fix] SVY-5184 FileServerPlugin & MailServerPlugin Error "Rejected unauthenticated access"
[fix] SVY-4485 Special keys in window plugins get localized translation while the javascript code only checks for english key names
[fix] SVY-4302 dbtreeview java.lang.StackOverflowError
[fix] SVY-4030 mail plugin CC and BCC not working when using redirect
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