List View Component writing to the foundset

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List View Component writing to the foundset

Postby d.pearce1417196993 » Wed Apr 10, 2019 5:39 pm


I am trying to get access to the foundset on a clicked record in the new NG listview component.

I cannot find my way around the properties of the containedForm form.

In the script on the main form or the base form of the containedForm there doesnt appear to be a way to access or reference the foundset of the records in the contained form.


my main form is forms.examination
that contains a subform (a container form in the list view with the foundset examination_other, which is a related foundset. element name "list"

on the script i get an event with an element name. "list$containedForm$glbl_other_examination"

but how can i refer and change the foundset of the record that is currently clicked on in the list form i.e forms[listformname].foundset.fieldtochange

the documentation appears to suggest you can get to the elements "elements.fc1.containedForm.btn1.text = "Hallo"" but i get containedForm undefined in my debug console!

Anyone succeeded in accessing the records in the list form foundset???


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Re: List View Component writing to the foundset

Postby sanneke » Fri Apr 12, 2019 4:28 pm

Hi David,

You can access the records directly by the foundset so just examination_other.getSelectedRecord()
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