Date Column is disturbed in NG Client

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Date Column is disturbed in NG Client

Postby dev-ws-011 » Tue Mar 30, 2021 3:06 pm

Hi All,

We have come across an unexpected behavior that whenever date column visibility is controlled, its format is disturbed and column becomes editable irrespective of its initial configuration.

Also, we have observed that this behavior occurs when column visibility is changed alongwith foundset reload. However, if foundset is not reloaded, changing column visibility works as expected i.e. same as its initial configuration.

Attached is a demo solution where 'Order Date' (having format set to 'MM/dd/yyyy' & editable = false) column visibility is controlled alongwith foundset reload based on date selected i.e. foundset is reloaded to include records based on order date condition as per relation attached to tab. A button is placed on screen to just toggle 'Ship Date' column(having format set to 'MM-dd-yyyy' & editable = false) visibility which is working fine.

Form 'orders' view is set to 'Table View' as column visibility is to be controlled.

For demo solution, sample database with server name 'example_data' and database name 'example' is utilized.

Steps to reproduce:
1) At start, Start Date = 07/01/1996, and Order Date column is hidden
2) Change Start Date to '07/11/1996' now Order Date column will appear but its format is not as expected i.e. MM/dd/yyyy instead it will be descriptive e.g Thu Jul 11 1996 12:00:00 GMT+0500 and column will become editable.
3) You will observe that change of Start Date has reloaded foundset as well.
4) Now, click on screen button 'Toggle Ship Date column visibility', Ship Date column visibility will be toggled and its format will be as expected i.e. 'MM-dd-yyyy'' and not editable.

Any help will be highly appreciated.

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