in memory foundset hasRecordChanges

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in memory foundset hasRecordChanges

Postby pitc » Sat May 15, 2021 4:55 pm

I have an in memory datasource and populate it in the onShow of a form. The form datasource is defined to be the in mem datasource. The form foundset is bound to an ng grid's 'myFoundset'.

I use databaseManager.hasRecordChanges(foundset) to check for edits before allowing the user to leave the form.(Autosave is false).
However this call never indicates any record changes over the foundset.
Is there some other method to check for unsaved edits if databaseManager.hasRecordChanges(foundset) is not applicable to an in mem datasource?

EDITED: The grid is in GroupBy mode - I think this is the cause of the behaviour. When not in GroupBy mode the hasRecordChanges works as expected.
I have not found a way to allow the user to edit in group by mode and have an idea if there are changes. I suspect that I might have to add an Edit form. In my case there is a single column - a checkbox to edit - seems a bit much to create an edit form form - the UX is poor.
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