Query Builder group by cannot find column alias

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Query Builder group by cannot find column alias

Postby pitc » Sun May 30, 2021 9:25 pm

The group by clause fails to find the column alias defined in a complex result part.
In the result part I define:
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      .add(q.getColumn(edis_alias,'daily_sales').divide(q.getColumn(edis_alias,'daily_units').nullif(0)),'avg_unit_pr') //NOTE need check for div by 0)

In the group by I define:
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Before I added these lines to the result and group by part the query runs fine.
The error message is
Cannot find column 'avg_unit_pr' in data source ....

Where the datasource is the table: edis_alias.
I am thinking that the alias 'avg_unit_pr' has become lost or assigned to some unknown datasource or my code is incorrect....the equivalent sql runs fine.
Any ideas are welcomed before I submit as a Jira issue.
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Re: Query Builder group by cannot find column alias

Postby rgansevles » Fri Jun 04, 2021 10:16 am


In a simple case it seems to work fine:

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var q = datasources.db.example_data.book_nodes.createSelect('mytablealias');
q.result.add(q.getColumn('mytablealias', 'label_text')).add(q.columns.node_id.count)
q.groupBy.add(q.getColumn('mytablealias', 'label_text'));

this results in sql
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select mytablealias.label_text, count(mytablealias.node_id) from book_nodes mytablealias group by  mytablealias.label_text

Can you show a complete example where it goes wrong?

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