Unit Test - Introduction & Good Examples

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Unit Test - Introduction & Good Examples

Postby nam.le » Sat Nov 19, 2022 10:45 pm

Dear all,
as i am learning to implement units and integration test for servoy application.

I wonder if you can help me with:
1. A good introduction on how to use unit tests in Servoy
2. An good example of how complex tests cases are implemented. I tried to look at the servoy modules (e.g. svyUtils, svySecurity in Github),
but there are plenty of them. So if some one (maybe from Servoy Team) know which module I should look at, it would be very hefpful.
3. As many functions we implement will operate on foundset data, I wonder what is a good strategy to generate this data for the tests.
From the servoy modules I learn that I can run the tests inside a database transaction and rollback the transaction after completing the tests.
Inside the transaction i can create the data within the test procedure. However, i wonder if some of you have other approach to this.

As it has to be a very fundamental topic, it might already be asked previously on the forum. However, I could not find the topic on my search.
Anyway, I would be very thankful for any help in this topic.

Best regards and many thanks in advance.
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Re: Unit Test - Introduction & Good Examples

Postby ProRM » Mon Nov 21, 2022 2:43 pm

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