Full Calendar 2 - Refresh Calendar Events?

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Full Calendar 2 - Refresh Calendar Events?

Postby john1598360627 » Wed May 08, 2024 2:20 am

I'm having some issues with refreshing the events for the fullcalendar2 element.

Currently, how I have it setup is that the full calendar 2 element is initialized with event objects from the onShow of the form.

Theoretically, I assume the calendar would refresh every time the form is shown.

However, I'm having an issue. How I have the Calendar setup is like this;
Full Calendar > Event Edit

Clicking on an Event will load the event in it's own form. I then have a back button to go back to the Calendar.

Every event is in a database, so the Calendar is just pulling from the database to create the events.

The issue arrives with that initialization process for the full calendar after I edit an event. For some reason, when I edit an event and go back to the calendar... it doesn't refresh immediately. I have to 'refresh' the form itself. So I have to click on the event again, go back and then the Calendar events refresh. Or, I have to navigate to any other form and go back to the Calendar and it refreshes.

I have no idea why it's like this. I even tried to manually add in the refresh of the Calendar with the back button of the Event edit, and it doesn't change any behavior. It always takes 2 form onShow calls to refresh it.


Is there some way to refresh the Calendar that I'm missing? Or should the initialization of the full calendar on the onShow be enough?
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